Cooking Class Program      " Private class is the majority "

Begin your culinary experience with a guided tour around a homely garden where Thai common herbs are grown organically. Learn about their health benefits and the concept behind Thai food.
Each Cooking Class has been designed as 2.0 hrs. course in the morning start from 10.00 AM till afternoon 6 PM, the proper time up to your design. And we open everyday.


Booking – for Cooking Class      

Here you can make a booking in advance for one of the Thai cooking class.
Please take your proper time, and provide all the information with more details that you can.
We will send you a confirmation email and pick up time within 24 hours.
If you need more information or have questions on our Thai cooking class,
please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Net price per person: 1,500 Baht

Included in price:
• Maximum 2 hours for herb garden tour and cooking class cooking of 3 dishes
• Lunch your own delicious
• Recipe
• Transfer by car from your place of stay

Market Tour - available for guest request

Enjoy the private food you have created, just the perfect thing, when you want a break from the beach and shopping !




 สมตำ 9. Som Tam ( Papaya Salad )


                 แพนง   10. Panang ( Spicy, thick soup )

ผดเปรยวหวาน  11. Pad Paew Wan ( Stir Fried, Sweet, Sour )